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Welcome on the page! Here you can explore the different collage sections. It is still under construction. Enjoy yourself!

Erotic Collages

I am a big fan of erotic art & erotic photography. At the age of seven I started to cut pictures out of my moms nitting magazines! Especially woman legs with high heels! I kept my treasures in a special box hidden underneath my bed! I don’t hide them anymore but the feeling is still there when I see a collectable item!

Porn Art Collages

After I developed my interest in collecting female beauty. I discovered even more interesting stuff! Porn magazines! In The Netherlands schools could earn some extra money by collecting paper waste. The good thing was that beside old newspapers, magazines and cardboard you could also find porn magazines! Nowadays I still like to collect porn magazines from the 70s and 80s. I scan them and use the pictures in Porn Art Collages

Analog Collages

My personal favorite photographer is Gilles Berquet. His book – Le Muscle du Sommeil – is the base for a collage with different layers of resin.  I used acrylic paint and paint markers. The golden chocolat wrapper is used for a golden shower effect.

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